Welcome to the Minnesota ASHP Collaborative Training Center

Accelerating market adoption of heat pumps across Minnesota

Our Goal

By 2030 air source heat pumps (ASHPs) are the first choice for contractors and homeowners replacing electric and delivered-fuel heating systems or air conditioners, and every installed system will be optimized to provide heating as well as cooling.

ASHP Benefits

ASHPs have potential to improve heating and cooling efficiency as well as lower energy costs. Over the recent years, variable-speed, inverter-driven heat pumps have emerged as a high-efficiency option for heating and cooling homes in cold climates.

Module 1: ASHP Potential and Utility Rebates

Description: This introductory module offers a technology overview and covers the tools and resources available to promote the technology. 

Intended audience: HVAC business owners, HVAC sales staff, and HVAC installation technicians new to ASHP technology.  

Key takeaways: Trainees will be able to determine how to select ASHP products and identify ideal application types. They will also gain information on research and field performance and learn to navigate utility rebate programs. 

Length: Approximately 30-40 minutes  

Module 2: Tips and Tricks for Installing ASHPs

Description: This training provides research-based recommendations on installing ccASHP systems for optimized energy performance.   

Intended audience: HVAC installation technicians  

Key takeaways: Trainees will learn critical installation techniques to optimize energy performance for ASHP technology.

Length: Approximately 30 minutes    

Module 3: Leads and Marketing for Air Source Heat Pumps

Description: Learn how to grow your ASHP business from a successful business owner on how he grew his company to be one of the leading heat pump contractors in the Northwest.

Intended Audience: HVAC Sales staff/business owners
Key Takeaways: Trainees will learn easy and proven ways to generate low cost, high close rate leads for air source heat pumps

Length: Approximately 30 minutes

Module 4: Sales and Value Propositions for Air Source Heat Pumps

Description: Learn how to prepare your sales process and create value propositions using proven techniques for closing sales from two successful heat pump contractors.

Intended Audience: HVAC Sales staff/business owners

Key Takeaways: Trainees will learn how to convert leads into sales through value propositions.

Length: Approximately 30 minutes


We strive to achieve our ASHP goals through collaborative partnership with utilities, installers, manufacturers, and distributors.

Please email us if you need assistance: info@mnashp.org